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To build bikes that define perfection

Craft Bikes, based in Kent, creates unique and customised Titanium bicycles by utilising advanced 3D printing technology, resulting in elegant parts that generate minimal waste. We focus on every stage of the process with utmost attention to detail, and every bike is meticulously crafted by hand to meet our exacting standards, resulting in not only stunning aesthetics, but an unparalleled riding experience. 


Drawing on our many years experience in cycling, we provide hardtail mountain, gravel and road bikes tailored specifically for the needs of our clients. Our bicycles are designed with slacker head angles and lower bottom brackets, setting them apart from many other brands. These unique features ensure that our bicycles remain stable when ridden at higher speeds and during descents. Despite these qualities, our bicycles maintain exceptional climbing performance, and we have carefully balanced efficiency, capability, and handling. 

Craft Logo

Hand crafted bikes for the ultimate experience


A different approach, totally bespoke and made for you

Choose from a palette of high-quality materials, parts and paint finishes, and watch as your ideas transform into a tangible, rolling work of art. Whether you crave speed, comfort, or a blend of both, we empower you to make the decisions that turn your biking fantasy into a reality.



Leave the Road Behind

Gravel Bikes 

Gravel bikes are currently the most popular bike offered in our range as they offer the best 'one bike' solution for most people's recreational cycling needs.


Bikepacking epics or just cruising round the local forest fire roads our bikes are crafted for maximum comfort and stability allowing you to explore further. Gravel bikes provide a dynamic and adaptable cycling experience, allowing you to effortlessly transition from road to off-road adventures.


Distinguished by their more relaxed head-angle and lowered bottom bracket, our gravel bikes are optimised for unrivalled off-road stability while maintaining road efficiency. We use size specific custom Craft Bikes 3d printed dropouts and chainstay yokes on all our builds. Our chainstay yokes offer up to 50mm tyre clearance on 700c or 650b wheelsize builds.

Full builds starting from £7900.00* (Inclusive UK VAT)

*No frame only option


Off the Beaten Track

Hardtail Mountain Bike

Our Hardtail Mountain Bike took us through various design iterations and testing before we settled on the bike you see here. We wanted a bike that was built tough enough to help you push the limits on the steep trails yet still felt lively and fun to ride on flatter terrain. 


We chose to use custom Craft Bikes 3d printed frame parts on key junctions to create stronger more durable frame joints in these areas with the added benefit of beautiful aesthetics and clean lines.


The 65.5 Degree head-angle helps inspire confidence whilst pushing hard without making the bike feel slow to respond on tight terrain. 


The 29 inch wheels ensure the bike is well balanced whilst rolling through the miles on longer rides and has the edge on grip thanks to the larger tyre contact patch. Whether you're embarking on a bike-packing expedition or traversing your local woods, our bikes guarantee endless smiles and reliability for years to come. 

Full builds starting from £9750.00* (Inclusive UK VAT)

*No frame only option


Clock up the Miles

All Road Bikes

Our 'all road' bike offerings are aimed at folks who love road cycling but don't enjoy the state of our UK roads.


Whether you're a casual road cyclist enjoying multiple coffee stop rides with friends or a member of a local cycling club looking to compete, we'll create a bike that delivers the ideal blend of comfort and stability, as well as power and efficiency.


Our 'all road' bikes are built using thinner gauge tubing to keep weight down and give the springy feel and ride quality Titanium bikes are renowned for. We use size specific custom Craft Bikes 3d printed dropouts and chainstay yokes on all our builds. Clearance for 38mm tyres and Compact/ Twin ring crank setups.      


Wireless or cable driven drivetrain ... it's your choice and the choices are endless..

Full builds starting from £7950.00* (inclusive UK VAT)

*No frame only option

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