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Welcome to a world where your cycling dreams come to life – introducing our exclusive range of handmade bikes where personalisation knows no bounds. At Craft Bikes we believe that every rider is unique therefore our bikes are built around the individual. Step into the driver's seat of creation as you embark on a journey to customise every aspect of your two-wheeled masterpiece.

Our process of creating your dream

Design and Consultation 

The initial design and consultation stage is critical to ensure that we are the right frame builder for you. For us, having a custom bike made is not solely a transactional affair but rather a long-term relationship for the entire time that you enjoy one of our bikes.  


Cyclists, regardless of their experience level, often find it challenging to verbalize their preferences, relying on intuition to guide them instead. Thus, in the consultation phase, we dedicate time to understanding your preferred style of cycling, your current bike, any physical limitations, and the specific requirements for your customized bike. 


If you don’t quite know what you want that’s okay. We’ll take our 50 years of combined cycling knowledge and experience to explain the options available and to guide you as we see fit.  


Our initial design and consultation stage entails a £250 fee that covers the time we spend discussing your current bike, taking your measurements, designing your new bike in CAD, and making necessary adjustments according to your preferences. If you decide to proceed with one of our custom bikes, we will deduct this fee from the total cost. 


Post-sale support, when buying a bike from us you are entering into a lifelong relationship. All Craft Bikes owners can expect an exceptional level of post-sale service including technical support with set-up and adjustments. Sometimes it can take a few rides to find that sweet spot and we will be available for advice and set-up tips.  A free 6 week bolt check and general once-over including coffee (at Craft Bikes HQ). Ongoing support and discount on Craft Bikes merchandise, parts and sundries. Invitation to the annual Craft Bikes ride and BBQ. 

From the initial concept to the finishing touches, we are here to bring your vision to life. Share your riding preferences, design ideas, and even the tiniest details that matter to you. Want a specific handlebar curvature? Prefer a frame that hugs the road just right? Perhaps a unique paint scheme that speaks to your personality? We are all ears – ready to turn your thoughts into a tangible, bespoke reality.

Lets build it....


The Workshop


Where the magic happens. A humble little building being used to its full capacity. Every hand tool, machine and custom framebuilding jig has a place, organised with military precision to maximise the space. Bikes are built one at a time from start to finish.

Jim's happy place.

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